Martial Arts - Aikido at Plano Dojo - INYO MAAI AIKIDO DOJO
Aikido at Plano Dojo logo, serving Plano, Frisco, Allen and Mckinney Texas.
1301 CUSTER RD #515
PLANO, TX 75075
Commitment - Integrity  - Dedication - Discipline - Patience - Community - Responsibility - Cooperation - Courtesy - Sacrifice - Vision
We practice inside the Academy of Classical Karate Dojo
Aikido Plano Dojo
Classes for adults and teens 14 and up.  
Visitors welcome anytime.
 Convenient access from George Bush toll way and US Highway 75.
Nikkyo osaekomi being applied above.
The formations of ikkyo as shown to me by Bill Sosa.  (c) Aikido at Plano Dojo
Ukemi break fall on soft mats for shodan testing.  (c) Aikido at Plano Dojo, Plano, Texas

Ikkyo hanka waza as taught by Seidokan's Bill Sosa (above)

Left is uke in mid air during a break fall.
Jo jitsu techniques during Plano Asia Festival.  
William Stynetski with uke Gilles Hudelot, shodan.
Aikido Plano Dojo central location for Plano, Allen, Wylie, McKinney, Frisco, Richardson, Garland and Dallas. Try one week free.  Visitors are welcome to train.

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